Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goals being met!

Yay! I'm excited because I found a blogfest to enter... not only that, but it's a really cool one and will likely be a good challenge for the next month or so. For full details, see here:

I have these categories to choose from:

I have to pick a fairy tale and ask "What if...?" and then in 300 words show you what I think would have happened in answer to that question. Hmmmm... decisions, decisions...

One of my summer goals was blogfesting! I'm very excited to take part and hope I'll make some new blog friends in the process. You know I said I'd throw my own blogfest when I reach 100 followers. Won't that be fun?

Monday, June 25, 2012

7x7 award

Thanks to Nick Wilford over at Scattergun Scribblings for bestowing on me the 7x7 award!

I don't really participate in these kinda things anymore (because there are way too many to keep up with!) but this one had some interesting aspects that I wanted to follow through with anyhow. Kind of a blogging retrospective, introspectively... the following links are all to posts from my own blog that I think fit these categories.

Most Beautiful: I'm biased, but Big Island Dolphin Swimming, while not perhaps the most articulately written post, and not even the most well produced video, was the most beautiful experience for me...

Most Helpful & Most Popular: This post was incredibly helpful to me in terms of feedback I got toward my main character Lilith... and it comes in second for number of views on my blog.

Most Controversial: I don't know that I've posted anything "Controversial" yet... but this post with a flash fiction piece I wrote stirred up a lot of speculation...

Most Surprisingly Successful: Possessing the Secret of Joy. Without a doubt, this is the most surprising post. Not because of content, either, I expect. It's an emotional reaction to the novel by Alice Walker. But it has the most views on my blog of all of my posts... even still today.

Most Underrated: This post about my internship with the literary agency was a LOT of fun to write and full of information, but it didn't receive quite the response I was expecting/hoping.

Most Pride Worthy: My Name is Elisabeth and I am a Vegetarian There are some things that just need to be said, and this post says it.

You can feel free to visit or not visit them :) You may already have, if you've been following me for any amount of time.

If you want this award and haven't received it yet, I'm awarding it to you now!

Have a lovely week, all.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Knights of Microfiction!

Firstly! Hi to my new followers! I'm so glad you're here! Tell your friends to follow me too! When I reach 100 followers we're gonna have a party and I'll be giving away some prizes, too!

But now, down to business.

That's right, y'all! It's time for KOMF again! I'm so glad that Jessica and Kathy McKendry decided to start hosting this monthly blog hop again!

Anyone can play along. To join in on the fun, check Jess and Kathy's blogs on the 13th to receive that month's prompt, post your entry before 11:59 p.m. on the 15th of the month, and leave a comment on one of their blogs with a link to your post.  Then go check out as many entries as you can!  By the 17th, they will choose two winners to be featured on their blogs.

Here's this month's lovely prompt:

Write a 200 word or less flash fiction beginning with this phrase: Her eyes shot open...
You are free to change the gender and POV if you'd like.

Her eyes shot open and she blinked rapidly. Why couldn't she see? She rubbed her eyes with the backs of her hands. They were wet. Wait, wet? That didn't make sense. She put out her tongue and tentatively tasted the liquid. Blood. Was it hers? She shuddered. She rolled onto her side and sat up. With a clang, her head came in contact with the top bunk. Ok. Ok. You're not crazy. You can figure this out.

She took a breath and wracked her brain for an answer. Of course. Heracleum mantegazzianum. More slowly, she rose and felt her way toward the door, one step at a time. She cracked her shin on the desk chair and cursed. Damn! I knew that was there. There wasn't much time. She had to reach Xavi before the effects were irreversible. Xavi would know what to do.

I hope you enjoyed my entry. I had fun writing it!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Island Dolphin Swimming

Not writing or YA related, but this is the vid of the totally awesome dolphin swim we did last month in HI. It was... incredible. I'm the one in the red shirt, and Noah's wearing a bright yellow shirt... we're easy to spot. Look how amazingly close they came to us!!! I swear, I could do that every day for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Writing Goals!

First! OMG my blog has had 10,000 views! I know that a lot of those are probably bots and people wandering in accidentally, but yay!

Now to get 100 followers! It's a right of passage, ya know? I will host my first ever blogfest/giveaway as soon as I hit 100 followers! Woot! There will be mermaid themed prizes and a little writing contest... You know you wanna join in!

It's summer. It's time to make some lists, to chart out a path of goals for the next couple of months, wouldn't you agree? I have to admit, I have been caught in the writing doldrums this entire spring! Not a letter typed, not a plot device turned over. Granted I am busy with internships and my first paid editing job, but I feel like I'm letting myself off the hook to easily.

Well, I'm ready to shake it off. So here's completely off the cuff random list of goals I'm making for this summer.

  1. Writing! Make headway on second draft/1st person perspective of my WIP. Not just any headway... let's say that by the end of August I would like 20,000 words written. I've been reluctant, but there's really no way I can know how I feel about it until I write more.
  2. Editing! Get a little further on that pesky first draft/3rd person perspective of the WIP. I wanna crank it up a notch, and now I think I'm starting to get a grip on what needs to happen there. I would like to have a version that I could show to someone without embarrassment by mid-September.
  3. Reading! I have some good editing books in my pile that I would like to get through... my goal is to read one more of them this summer.
  4. More reading! I found at B&N a couple of books with a similar theme to my current WIP... so I bought them and intend to read them by the end of August as well. Gotta know what my competition is!
  5. Fests! Participate in 3 blogfests. This means I need to get down to some research... I don't wanna just participate in any o'l blogfest... but if you're throwing one, let me know!
  6. Blogging! Get back up to 2 posts a week, at least! Man I have been slacking! The time to hesitate is through, though. I'll be brainstorming topics later today (as a break from editing). Feel free to leave me suggestions.
Anyone else got any good goals for the summer?