Friday, October 29, 2010

Tag has a new friend

Sunrise this morning at Huntington State Park
I've been walking a lot in Huntington State Park recently. It's a great way to get exercise for me and for Tag. The first time I went to the park, I met Renee. She has an 11 month old black lab named Tilly who thinks Tag is the bee's knees. They play very well together. Renee generously offered to adopt me since we're new to the area. Who can say no to that? So now we meet and walk a couple times a week and the dogs romp together.

One morning, while discussing all we have yet to teach our dogs, Renee suggested we have a session with a professional dog trainer she knows. Tag and I went over earlier this week and met Bruce, who helped us work on a program for "recall". Teaching Tag "COME" consistently with distractions (i.e. cats running by, people on the trail, other interesting dogs, chipmunks... etc.) is the one thing I haven't really felt able to get a grip on... so Bruce gave us some tips (50' lead, use my best authoritative voice, work on it inside and outside, always praise when coming to you, etc...). Tag is getting lots of treats now, as we learn to master this skill. I don't think he minds.

One of these days I'll get a photo of Renee, too. For now, there's Tilly the Lovely Lab.

I'm getting a camera of my own soon. The goal is to have it before we leave for Venice and Paris in December. I may become even MORE obnoxious about posting photos and photos of life here after that, as I practice how to use my new toy.

A picture says so much that I could never convey to you about how beautiful it is here and how different from California.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall photos round 2

A few reasons why I need to get my own SLR and a good zoom lens. I'm loving this camera! Thanks, Lori, for letting me borrow it!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some fall photos

Intrepid water dog
Tag chasing shells in the sound. Photo credit: Lori Marois

Lori and Tag

The fall leaves continue to change

Three potential Jack-o-lanterns and a pumpkin pie

A peaceful view of the backyard

Weather Vane