Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shopping, eating and a travel sloth

Today was a day of wandering about Paris aimlessly... well, not entirely aimlessly. After sleeping the morning away, we made our way to Chez Omar for lunch... a late lunch... the most amazing couscous EVER, actually. We sat in that restaurant and ate our couscous with stewed carrots, turnips, zuchinni, and garbanzo beans, and drank our wine... and it was good.

After that we wandered aimlessly about Paris. See?
Cool art on a wall in the Jewish district.

Marc and Sherris :)
We bought some tasty foods at Le Bon Marche... yum, some souvenirs and some things to eat now. We've been snacking since we got back to the apartment, even though we'll be going to dinner in 45 minutes.

Also, Noah has acquired a travel sloth. Apparently Marc has three and didn't know that Noah likes sloths... so now this cute little guy will travel around with us!
Travel Sloth!
I think tomorrow will be another day of shopping with more eating in, since we are in an apartment, and since Marc and Sherris are abandoning us for the coast. We'll spend our last 2 days in Paris here at the apartment pretending that we are actual Parisians... who don't speak good French... and are vegetarians... I said pretend, didn't I???


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