Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Days

Today is our last day in Paris and we're not doing anything special. We're hunkering down, actually, because tomorrow's travel could possibly do us in otherwise. We have a 7:25 a.m. flight to Berlin with a layover and then a flight to NYC that gets in at 3 p.m.... and it's supposed to snow in Berlin, which could complicate matters... We're more than a little nervous about getting where we need to go. Can you blame us?

Yesterday started slowly, too. We did some shopping for a couple more souvenirs, which was definitely satisfactory... and then came back to the apartment to nap a little... and then Noah cooked dinner! We had tortellinis and salad and baguette toasted with cheese on it... yum!!! After that we got ourselves together and went out back to Montmartre to our favorite crepe place in honor of Lori's birthday... crepes and tea stuffed in next to dinner and then we were ready to meet Rita and her boyfriend down by the Moulin Rouge.

I know Rita from Davis, CA, so it was fun being able to connect with her here, too. We walked back up the hill to the Cafe de les 2 Moulins and had champagne and chatted until after midnight, when we decided maybe we'd better hit the metro and head back home.

So it's noon here now, and I'm thinking it's time for croissants and espresso. I'll see if I can persuade Noah out of bed!


  1. Also, we wanted to say Sorry! to Nico that we never were able to figure out how to connect with him... neither of us had the appropriate communication information. Hope his trip to Paris was lovely!

  2. I want croissants and espresso!!

    I got kale (I hope that's what it is) and tomatoes and artichoke hearts and roasted red peppers and hatch green chili sauce and a green chili and apples and there's some strawberry lemonade in the fridge.... so can we have enchiladas with whatever veggies you want for dinner when you arrive? (like my positive attitude?)

    safe travels!!!
    tag says he misses you. he's pawing at the computer!

  3. Happy new year. You blog is awesome. Call when you get home! Mom


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