Sunday, December 26, 2010

Marche aux Puces

Well, Versailles didn't happen today. When I brought up the website to get directions (i.e. which train to take) a hitherto unseen pop-up appeared letting us know that the Versailles grounds would be closed today due to snow... and that the castle would be closed TOMORROW due to Christmas... sigh... we'll try later this week, although I'm starting to feel that time is running out on our trip to Paris.

No matter. We're taking things as they come anyhow, so we walked over to our little breakfast place (his cook was out for the day so instead of crepes he had tartaine et croissant to offer... we weren't complaining)... had our cafe au lait and then walked down to the local marche aux puces (flea market). Here are a few pictures of the bizarreness we encountered there.

There were quite a few people out perusing the merchandise at the market stands and we enjoyed walking through and looking at all the weird things we would buy if we lived in Paris... too many of them were too large to fit in our suitcases... and quite a few merchants expected too high a price for their wares... so we didn't buy anything there.

After spending most of the morning browsing the puces, we moved on to the Latin quarter. It's right up next to the Seine, with lovely views of the river and Notre Dame... we spent the rest of the day wandering around there, stopping into shops, eating crepes, and taking photos. All in all a lovely day.

Noah showed me this store... it's amazing. Sarah M, you HAVE to visit when you come to Paris... and Lori, wish you were there with us! You'd have loved it.

This photo is obscure, but it's of the Sorbonne for Sarah M and Lori :)

I'll leave you with a couple photos of Noah and me on the metro... and the promise to have a good time no matter where we end up over the next few days... hopefully one of those days will have Versailles in it, though!

My new hat!

Noah's new hat!


  1. you look so french in that hat! just like a character out of Amelie!
    and i was glad to see that you didn't buy anything at that market, for I was afraid that you'd return home with that scary horse....

  2. Ah... no... it was made out of real animal hair... too scary.

  3. Girl, these are such great photos. Keep it up! I am inspired by your ability to seize the chance to take a completely different vacation than you had planned and enjoy it (maybe even more than the one planned?)


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