Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our day with Marc and Sherris

So tomorrow looks like it will prove to be more exciting, but it was so nice to get out of hotel living and into an apartment! Marc and Sherris (Noah's dad and stepmom) called last night to tell us they had arrived in Paris. They (and now we) are staying at the apartment of a friend while here. We woke this morning and after wrestling with the hotel checkout and taxi calling process, brought croissant and pain au chocolat as a thanks offering to the apartment on Boulevard Montparnasse.

The hotel employees were nonplussed as to our request for a taxi. Montparnasse is 3 Metro stops from the hotel we were staying at... and they wanted to know why we didn't just take the Metro. I stared at them, and then at our two huge suitcases and our carry-on items... and we put our foot down. I'm sure I wouldn't have minded taking the metro if someone from the hotel wanted to come with to carry all this stuff for me!

When we got to the apartment, we followed all the intricate directions Marc left us for getting into the building, including putting only one person and piece of luggage at a time in the VERY tiny elevator... and we rang the doorbell....... nothing... so we knocked.... nothing... doorbell? After a minute, we pulled out the cellphone and called the apartment number. We could hear ringing inside... good sign, right place... but no one answered. Just as I was pulling out the computer to connect to wifi and find another number to call, my cell rang, and Marc's voice could be heard on the other line. They were still asleep! But good to know we weren't stuck in that hallway for the rest of the day!

After breakfasting (it was 11:30 by breakfast time)... Noah, Marc and I ran a couple errands to the Monoprix and to Air France to try getting a refund for our cancelled flight to Venice (no luck yet). Then we came back to the apartment to pick up Sherris and have lunch (it was 2:30 by this time) at La Coupole. Lunch lasted until after 5 p.m. and it was DELICIOUS. I had salmon... so good...

So after "lunch"... we went to look at another apartment Marc and Sherris may stay at on Il-de-la-Cite. Here's what Notre Dame looked like this evening.
The apartment we looked at was beautiful... very chi-chi. I like where we are staying because it has a homey feel to it...

I'll post more photos tomorrow, when I have more... and also because my editing site is having a problem this evening. Time for an evening snack and then bed.

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  1. I am so amazed that you made Paris your mini-home in such a short time. :)


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