Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas in Paris... edited*

It's still snowing here in Paris. From the reports we've seen about CDG, I'm beginning to worry that we're going to have a harrowing adventure trying to get home. We're hoping for the best... the return trip is still a week away.

This morning we woke and visited the Rouge Pomme, where we had petit dejeuner for the second day in a row... cafe creme, crepe du beurre et sucre, tartaine du beurre, jus d'orange... perfect... and cheaper than the hotel breakfast which we can never quite seem to wake in time for. (Hey, we're on vacation here... sleeping late is definitely on the menu).

After that we had to make provisions for ourselves since most restaurants will be closed tomorrow for Christmas. So we made a stop by the local boulangerie.
Yeah, the line was out the door! Everyone was picking up their holiday bread and cake.
So we got our two baguettes finally... and some juice, cheese, carrots and apples at the grocery... and a bottle of champagne... because... it's Christmas! We took our provisions back to the hotel and prepared for our next adventure of the day... the Pompidou.

The Pompidou is ... wow, you can't say anything about it without understating it, really. It's a completely different kind of art museum from the Louvre... and one that should be on more people's lists of places to visit in Paris. This was Noah's pick, as he had been here the last time he was in Paris, and I'm glad he showed it to me. (*Noah did not come here last time...)


This was actually a video of a woman playing a cello duet with her own echo... I thought of my friend Maggie and smiled.
After our trip to Pompidou, we gorged on carbs, spaghetti with butter, pomme frites... crepes... and then took a walk around the nearby shopping area.

I thought these two old ladies were adorable :)
We'll be missing our friends and extended family the next couple of days. I hope that everyone has a fun and safe holiday.

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  1. I love the picture of Noah with the white wall. And of Noah outside. I can just hear and see him saying "it's COLD!" :) BTW, I have NO idea what it is that you are eating, since you took the translation books with you but I'm sure it's yummy.
    Happy Christmas!


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