Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Louvre

I should tell you, I'm not sleeping well... I was up past 3 a.m. last night. I think my cafe was not DEcafe last night at Chez Bebert... but it sure was good. Also, the snotty kids at the airport gave me a cold... so my stamina is pretty low today. But I was determined not to let that stop me!

Today's adventure was a trip to the Louvre. The last time I was in Paris, I got a half an hour at the Louvre. Not enough time at all... we ran in (literally), ran to the Mona Lisa (most underwhelming art experience of my LIFE, by the way) and then ran back out. All because the bus driver was stupid enough to get into an accident in a traffic circle... bah.

THIS time, we took the metro and took our time. I felt no particular need to visit the Mona Lisa again, needless to say... so we avoided the crowded halls of paintings altogether and instead focused on the sculpture that lives at the Louvre.
Photo by Noah :)

Photo by Noah :)

This is Noah in his awesome boots that keep getting him stopped on the street. People in Paris apparently can't get enough of the Sorels! They sure do keep his feet warm and dry.

Yep folks... that's snow falling on King Louis...

The boots make another appearance...
 I love sculpture for so many reasons... I enjoy the 3Dness of it... the way you can walk around it and take in a different aspect of the piece from every angle... and it amazes me that artists with chisels can do what they do to marble, wood, clay, bronze, alabaster....

Photo by Noah :)

This next sculpture of Psyche and Cupid is one of my favorites. I remember this as the only other piece of art I could focus on the last time I came through the Louvre. It was a pleasure to see it again... and photo it from a different perspective.

I found this sculpture of Narcissus intriguing. Of all the male subjects in sculpture he is posed the most effeminately. Likely because he was so obsessed with his looks... in love with himself... He is beautiful.

The building itself is very beautiful.
We meandered along for a while... saw the crown jewels...
 and a few ornate snuff boxes...

And pretty soon I was completely pooped.
Photo by Noah :)
Here's hoping for a good night's sleep tonight. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Noah and I are planning to attend mass at the nearby cathedral... we won't understand much of the service, but it will be nice to observe the holiday.

The snow is still falling... and Christmas is coming.


  1. you should have borrowed some sleeping pills from me!

  2. Wow, those are really cool boots!!

    And totally agree with both the underwhelmingness of the Mona Lisa, and the amazingness of the sculptures. When I was there, I think we spent two full days at the Louvre and still didn't finish seeing everything.

    Merry Christmas, Elisabeth and Noah!!


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