Saturday, December 18, 2010

A post with no pictures

I promise there will be pictures tomorrow... but today just wasn't the day for it, for a number of reasons... let me explain.

It's snowing in Paris tonight. That's right, I said in PARIS. We're still here and not in Venice like I thought we'd be by this time today.

We started out the morning innocently enough. A little petit dejeuner in a cafe near the hotel after a late lie in to wipe away the jet lag and then it was to the airport shuttle and off to Charles de Gaulle airport. Only... after arriving and trying to check in we realized we were supposed to be at Orly! MAJOR bummer... but, it's ok because we got there incredibly early and Orly is not all that far from CDG. So we ran outside and grabbed a taxi who rushed us over to Orly.

I don't like the Orly airport. It's disorganized and dirty and busy and confusing. We finally found the EasyJet counter in what can only be described as a basement... only to find out that our flight had been CANCELLED! Bah. The weather was too much for them apparently. And the next flight with EasyJet wasn't until Monday... So while Noah stood in line to get the information we needed for a refund, I logged onto the web to find us an alternative mode of transportation.

We settled on taking the overnight train from Bercy station, but booking tickets on-line for the train meant getting tickets Fedex'd to us! So we hopped another taxi and headed for the train station. No worries yet... the train's not leaving until 8:30 p.m. and it's just now 3. Except that when we got there, the train to Venice was completely full. (Cue major sigh here...) Apparently we weren't the only ones who had this idea.

So... we called the hotel we stayed in last night and politely asked for a room. They were more than happy to oblige. One more taxi ride and a little time at the check in counter was all it took to book us this friendly 2 twin bed room for the next couple of nights. Eh, at least it's a warm dry place to sleep.

We trotted over to the little Italian place we ate at last night and ordered the same things we ordered last night (except that I ordered what Noah ate last night and he ordered what I ate). And now we have tickets to fly to Venice on Monday... and are contemplating heading back out into the weather and past the Moulin Rouge to find coffee and crepes.

Wish us luck!


  1. Oh the unpredictability of international travel! Those of us who are type A REALLY don't like this type of stuff. I'm sure you are more laid-back than me. And Burgess, well, he's more laid back than any human ever so we balance out. :)

  2. You could put some pictures anyway your post is great. Thanks for sharing. Regards from Hotel Orly


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