Monday, December 6, 2010

A change of season

It's official. Even though the calendar doesn't make it so yet, winter is officially here in CT. The temperature is hovering around 33 degrees Fahrenheit, the wind is blowing (brrr...) dusty snow flurries, and the pond is trying to freeze over.

It's Tag's birthday today. He's 2 years old now! I can't believe how quickly the time flies. In honor of his day, he got a tasty can of wet dog food this morning and a new "Guy Fox" toy to chew and enjoy. After dropping Noah off at work we went for a hike, as well. I took my camera (of course) and captured a few images of our chilly morning constitutional. Currently, Tag is curled up on his dog bed and snoozing. What a life!

Fun running!

The good birthday dog posing for a photo. "Stay!"


So different without all the green leaves...

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  1. Happy birthday to Tag! Those are some awesome photos, especially of him.


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