Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A quiet day in the 14th Arrondissement

After yesterday's strenuous adventure at CDG, we needed to take it easy today. I am afraid of our immune systems taking a hit and there were ample chances for people to cough and sneeze near us yesterday (not to mention a lot of snotty children). So we slept in, had our petit dejeuner, rested some more, and then took stock of the neighborhood.

Walking in Paris is not only easy, it's quite pleasant. There was some sun, and the streets were wet but not as snowy as previously. We found we're not far from the catacombs that Lori talked about, and we plan on taking the tour tomorrow! There are lots of little places to eat around us, and Noah's dad also recommended a few that we'll happily investigate. For today it was crepes for lunch and Italian food for dinner. You can't blame us for eating Italian... it's vegetarian friendly and we WERE planning to be in Venice right now. :)

We continued our tour of Parisian cemeteries today... this one was largely Jewish, as far as I could tell.

I feel a little irreverent taking photos in the cemetery... but in the bold tradition of tourists the world over, I do it anyhow.

We're enjoying the hotel and the idea of staying in one place for a little while. We even bought a baguette and some cheese today! We may make our own petit dejeuner tomorrow, or we may eat it for lunch. Either way, I'm feeling very French :)

Noah took some pictures today as well! Here's one! The web service is being funny about uploading the other one...
 We're watching French t.v. and scratching our heads a little... and planning to get some sleep soon. Until tomorrow... bonne nuit.


  1. I'm very much enjoying living vicariously through your journals & photos! So glad you were able to have a restful day after the chaos of the past few days. Praying the blessings of serendipity find you in Paris. Merry Christmas!

  2. aww, I've stayed in the 14th before. I'm sorry your travel plans didn't work out as expected, but I selfishly say... more Paris!

  3. Hmmm... I'm confused about angels in the Jewish cemetery and I don't see many rocks. Although, it is respected in European culture to take photos in the cemetery. In fact, in the early 1900s people used to have parties there on Sundays to visit their loved ones who passed on. I learned all about it at Bonaventure. So shoot away- and tell Noah and I love that picture!!!


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