Saturday, January 8, 2011

A week of rest and snow

We've been home for about a week now... it will be exactly a week at 3 p.m. today. We arrived home to the aftermath of a blizzard, to a world that was slushy and icy, melting and solidifying... the backyard was a maze of trampled, frozen snow. And for a week we have been nursing colds (yes, Noah has one now, too)... and refilling the bird feeder.

Tag and I made a couple of slippery hikes, and then, last night, it snowed again.

cuddling up to stay warm

Subaruby looks like an insect

empty birdfeeder... poor starving birds!

Okay, maybe it's time to take down the christmas decorations

Winter fairy

I made pretzels for the first time this week. It's an experiment I want to try again. Yum!
After a week, I think the colds are being beaten back. Life is returning to a recognizable pattern.

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  1. yummm, send some with Noah the next time you make 'em.
    how about jalapeno pretzels?


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