Sunday, January 9, 2011

A few things I like about January

In general I don't like January very much... no matter where I've lived, January is always chilly and wet... and the days are short... making for less time outside, less windows open, and less room to move because of all the extra clothing you have to pile on to stay warm. To be fair, you didn't have to pile on too much extra clothing in L.A... but it WAS sweater season in January, and the days were the same dark length.

It doesn't help that I have a cold, either... because my motivation to get out IN the cold is greatly depleted by the coughing and sniffling and tiredness. It's been like that for both of us all weekend, so today I made us get out and run errands... and we took Tag to the dog park for some romping in the snow.

Even if you don't know Tag, if you've read this blog you know OF him... that he's my beautiful, wonderful blue merle rough collie and I love him. :) Little did I realize when I chose to bring home a collie that he would receive so much attention and admiration, but he surely does! Everywhere we go he gets looks and I can hear people saying "Is that a collie?" to each other... sometimes they ignorantly ask me if he's "part collie" because they associate his color with another breed of dog. I take those moments to educate people. NO, he's not an australian shepherd mix... (rolling my eyes...).

Today at the dog park Tag was upstaged by an even MORE amazing dog... a Puli. I couldn't be mad... Pulis are truly magnificent in their weirdness and this one was no exception. I could only smile and nod at the dog's owner and tell him what a beautiful, unusual dog he has.

After getting out with Tag and running by the store for more medicine, home we came and have spent the rest of the day napping... and that brings me to the things I like about January. Aside from the warm snuggle time with Noah and Tag (who was codependent the rest of the afternoon himself because he had his flea and tick medicine applied after we got home... poor puppy), these are the things I like about January.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies

A ridiculously hard puzzle from S&S Beard, and a cup of coffee (decaf this late in the day)

Tag loves listening to Noah practice his banjo. Me too.
So January is not all that bad. It may be snowy and cold outside, but it's cozy and comfortable in here. I think we'll survive the winter just fine.


  1. Wowwwww, pulis (pulies?) must be super high maintenance! Imagine the grooming involved...

    Hope you all get over your colds soon!

    And man, I miss your baked goods.

  2. My baked goods miss you, too, Leslie. ;)


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