Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hiking post-blizzard

Some fantastic person broke the trail for us this morning... otherwise a couple miles in 2 feet of snow would have been FAR more strenuous. As it was, it was pretty strenuous. But Tag loved it... and it was nice to be outside being active. I took about 80 photos... here are a few :)

I love the contrast and the lines made by the sun shining through the trees and onto the snow.

My gorgeous dog

It was so windy out by the lake that the trail had been blown clean of snow. Made it easier for us to run and play here.

Tag doesn't mind the deep parts either, though. He just plows right through.

Look at all those teeth!
I tried to make a snow angel as well... but Tag was having none of it! He kept trying to pull me out of the snow. Silly dog! I'm sure he was thinking "Don't lie down! We're almost there! Don't lie down!" Ha!

And now we're home and Lori's making lentil soup for dinner and I'm going to try making Brown Bread... with graham flour and butter milk and molasses. I <3 Irma and Marion Rombauer... Joy of Cooking.

Stay warm!


  1. Tag is the cutest dog ever! I have to come visit you when there is snow! It looks like FUUUUN.

  2. You can come now, Leslie! The snow is fresh and tall and not going anywhere any time soon!

  3. Well then. If I lose my job, do you suppose Noah would mind supporting me and Winston and my two kitties too? ;-)

  4. lentil soup and brown bread sounds like match made in heaven :)
    when are we baking bread together Elisabeth?


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