Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Met

Our first trip to NYC went down yesterday. It's pretty easy to get there from our house. About a 10 minute walk up the road there's a commuter train station that, with a transfer in South Norwalk, in an hour and a half takes you straight to Grand Central Station!

So yesterday morning, bright and early, we went to the station and met a moth.

Then we hopped on a train for GCS.

 From Grand Central you have to take the subway a few stops uptown to get to the museum.

I went there as a child... 5th grade field trip, charter bus, all day to NYC with the Met being one of our stops. But I had no memories of this place.

The Met is huge! I mean... huge! So we just went through a portion of it yesterday. The Greek and Roman ancient art mostly, and some modern sculpture. I neglected taking enough pictures, so I'll have to make another trip soon. Maybe when Lori comes to visit... .and then again when Leslie comes :)

 This was the rooftop exhibit...

I was hoping it was going to be more Goldsworthy-esque. No such luck. It must have been quite a feat, though, putting that bamboo structure together solidly enough for people to climb up and walk around on it (which you can do on a guided tour... we did not).

*FYI: The wiki page for Goldsworthy is pretty decent, which is why I linked it here. But I encourage you to google images of his work. Goldsworthy is an amazingly refined artist who uses nature as his medium. Truly inspirational. There's even a good movie out about his art. It's called Rivers and Tides. Drop it in your Netflix queue. Seriously.*

There's TONS I still have to see! And that's just at the Met! There is so much to do in NYC, one hardly knows where to start. And so we started somewhere touristy... and hope that our relationship with the city continues to become more intimate and detailed.


  1. That moth is gorgeous! It's so cool that you're so near NYC.

    I added Rivers and Tides to my queue.. I'd never heard of Goldsworthy before haha

  2. How fun that you can get to NYC so easily! hoping your unpacking and settling is going well.

  3. @Lauren, I'm so excited that you're going to watch Rivers and Tides! Let me know what you think of it. Noah introduced me to Goldsworthy, as he has been an inspiration for some of Noah's own art. I think Goldsworthy is amazing.

    @Linzred It is fun that NYC is so close. I'm hopeful that we'll get to go there a lot more. Re: unpacking... I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... I think one more trip to IKEA should seal the deal. Now to make some friends... Come visit me!

  4. Can't WAIT to visit! Keep hoping to close my eyes and wake up to August. Would prefer to skip July altogether.

    I can't decide whether the moth is gorgeous or absolutely horrifying.


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