Thursday, June 3, 2010

A little bit of settling

It's warm and humid here... and we are slated to have thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. I love this kind of weather :)

We are staying at this quaint little place, Westport Inn, right now. It's pet friendly and a LOT nicer than La Quinta in our area... still it has its quirks. The air is either off or on... and you have to man-handle the thermostat to make it turn off. The door to the room also requires a very strong arm to open and close... the digital clock in the room is connected to a plug that is affected by the lightswitch by the door... so you have to reset the time every time you turn on the light... I think we've circumvented that weirdness by turning the light by the bed on and off at the lamp and not messing with the switch.

Even with all this it's nicer than La Quinta in Stamford.

Tag is with us and the kitties are at the house trying to get adjusted. They're hiding anytime anyone is around that makes noise. Once the house is full of familiar smelling furniture I think they'll come out again. Poor kitties.

Tag is a champ. He just wants to be with us and has traveled really well! We're getting him groomed on Sunday for the first time. I'm nervous... I'm sure he'll be fine, though. We found a GREAT off leash park for him to play at. It's as nice as a golf course!

Our stuff arrives tomorrow... and thus begins the mad time of un-packing and making ourselves at home. Today will be full of errands... gotta get the oil changed in the car... get curtains and curtain rods for the house...

Here are some pictures of our new home for you to see. Just renting, but it's super nice!

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