Friday, July 2, 2010

An uneventful week

I haven't done anything or thought anything interesting this week. I sat on my butt and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer... all week. And played World of Warcraft... So I haven't posted anything.

Today I had hoped to change that pattern of slothfulness. And I may yet. Costco is still on my to-do list. And Tag and I will be taking Noah to the dog park after he gets off work this afternoon.

Still, I was planning to hang the curtains in the "L" room today. Since we'll be having visitors soon, I thought they might appreciate the added ambiance (not to mention privacy). So I took the trusty power drill upstairs and pulled out the correct bit. (As a side note: we discovered that the correct bit for drilling holes for these curtains is the small gold one... Noah discovered this after I had no success in drilling the correct sized holes for the curtains we eventually hung in the living room.) I put the bit to the wall and began drilling... and the bit broke off in the wall!!!!

That's it for me. I don't hang curtains anymore. Noah's just going to have to do this for me when he feels better (hurry up and feel better Noah... he's been sick all week... a cold, I think).

In other news, Tag's next door neighbor girlfriend, Sadie the Boston Terrier, is out of town for the holiday weekend. He is pining for her. Every time we go outside he looks over to check for her... this is because every time we go outside she's asking to come out and play with him and vice versa. Poor Tag. She'll be back soon! I'll have to get some videos of their cuteness.

Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend. Our house is in escrow again, and we're looking forward to a good weekend, too! Probably filled with a lot of lounging around and looking at the pond. I'll take some more pictures for you soon!


  1. Best two episodes of Buffy- "Hush" and "Once more with feeling" Did you get to Hush yet? (The one where no one can talk!)

  2. Yep... I just finished Season 5. I liked 1-4 best, I think. 5 was dark and depressing...


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