Monday, February 27, 2012

Knights of Micro-fiction and other Big News

So! News first and micro-fiction second :) If you are looking for my campaign entry, go here.

About a month ago I read a blog post by Brightened Boy. I love his posts because they feel so authentic and his observations on life are very astute. Anyhow, this particular post mentioned the fact that while he was in school (I assume... because he JUST graduated) he did an internship with a literary agency. I immediately thought to myself "How cool!" and then, for the instant that I always do, I lamented the fact that I was never brave enough or forward thinking enough to do this while I was in school myself. In all fairness, I really had no idea what I wanted when I was in school.

But that led me to thinking... why not now? Of course, there's the fact that a lot of internships are specifically for college credit... and there's also the fact that I'm well past the age demographic that most people want/expect an intern to be. But other than that I'm ideally situated. I know what I want to learn about now, what direction my life is leaning... and I don't HAVE to have a paying gig to survive.

So... because I always do things a little half-heartedly so as not to get my expectations up (which may not always be healthy, I acknowledge)... I sent out 6 resumes 10 days ago. Within a week I had an interview and landed a paying internship in the City. Ha! So starting tomorrow I'll be commuting to the City 2-3 days a week and learning all about the book business from a literary agent's perspective. Which will be EXTREMELY interesting and helpful for me. I can't even believe it happened that fast! I'll make sure to post regular updates here, for better or for worse, but I'm hoping for better :)

Now on to Knights of Micro-Fiction, as hosted monthly by the fabulous Jess and Kathy McKendry. the rules are: Write a micro-fiction/flash fiction story of 250 words or less beginning with these words:
After all this time, there it was...

Here's my entry:

“After all this time, there it was,” I said. “Right there in front of my face.” 
“Well you obviously weren’t looking hard enough, Lani,” Keegan shot back, rolling his eyes. He was always impatient with me, had been ever since we were little. 
“Hey, punk.” I took a swipe at him, which he dodged. “It’s not like it matters how long it took. I found it, didn’t I?” 
 “Yeah, but now what are you going to do with it?” he asked. 
I raised the shimmering amulet from its hiding place to eye level. Keegan’s spiky-haired reflection beamed out at me as it turned to face him. “What am I going to do with it?” I raised an eyebrow and threw him a mischievous grin. “Do you even know what this is?” 
“Of course I do,” Keegan rolled his eyes at me again. “It’s a transmuted teleport. Turn it three times in the direction the moon travels and it’ll take you anywhere you want to go. But not just anywhere… anywhere in time or space.” 
“Exactly,” I said. I had had a little time to ponder the thought. Years spent in a prison cell, your mind wanders. No, I knew exactly where I wanted to go and when. I had a score to settle. 
“You’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking, are you?” Keegan looked unsure. 
“’Course I am, Keegs,” I said, grabbing his wrist. “And you’re coming with me.” The amulet turned three times and I closed my eyes.
I hope you like, and I hope you'll take a few minutes and participate! Seriously, it's called Flash Fiction for a reason, people.


  1. Congratulations! That was obviously the universe waiting to give you a break :) Looking forward to seeing what you learn - I'm intrigued...

    Lovely little flash there too - can't believe you packed that much story in to so few words... nicely done!
    Laura x

  2. Oh my gosh, I loved it!! I really want to know more of the story now!! What does she want to use it for!? Great job and thanks so much for participating!

  3. AWESOME news!!!!! Congrats!

    OOh I would love to be able to travel any place any time! Great piece! Thanks for joining in on the fun!

  4. Dude, CONGRATS on the internship! That's so awesome! Be sure to update lots about it. Sounds like it should be an interesting experience. YAY Elisabeth!!!

  5. This is such phenomenal news!

    And I'm very flattered to know I helped inspire you. Please do post updates! It'll be nice to hear from the perspective of another agent in training.

    And I'm actually interning now, though I'm already graduated.

    The flash fiction you posted here is really good. I know it's meant to be brief but you made me want to read more.


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