Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy busy busy

It's always a good idea to participate on the web... I've been a tentative voice from the beginning... saying things here on my blog where I only have a few followers... and shyly commenting, although I'm getting bolder. Well, I decided I want to expand my reach... I want to join more actively in the conversation of the writers' world in the blog-iverse. So I'm joining in the Rach Writes Writers' Platform-building Campaign. I mean, why not, right? If anything, hopefully I will meet some new people in the on-line world of writers. And that's my goal for the campaign... because... aside from that I'm not REALLY sure what it is... I am just jumping in and trying it!


In other news... it's February... but this February could not be more different from the last. Last year, we had SO MUCH SNOW!!! It was everywhere... piled up... packed in... and it was sooooo ccccoooollllddddd! This year we've had so many 50 degree days that even the swans got confused, thought it was spring, and came back to the pond.

The water in front of the swan is actually ice!

One thing I have accomplished this winter that I'm proud of is this quilt. I am excited to have finished it and that it didn't fall apart when I washed it!

Now if I could just have the same experience with my WIP, I'd be golden. Hopefully I'll meet some new people through this campaign who will help me find the courage I need to get it done.


  1. You can do it!!!! *grin*

    We writers have to keep each other motivated and I hope this helps a bit!

    Beautiful quilt!

    See you around the campaign trail. Go team fantasy!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you're joining the campaign! Last year I was hesitant about joining the April A-Z Challenge, but I did it and met lots of great people and had a wonderful time!

  3. Stopping by to say hello from the Campaign. I'm in your MG/YA group. Looking forward to the awesomeness.

    Your blog is sweet. Following! :)

  4. hi! I am a campaigner too :) Look forward to meeting you on the trail! Also: new follower!

  5. Have joined the campaign for the first time also and like you have no idea what I am in for, butso far I have found it seems to be a great way to meet fellow writer's!

  6. And the quilt is comfy and looks good when you use it!

  7. Hi Fairbetty, How cool is it that you kept with it for Nanowrimo! I just wanted to say hi. I'm in Group 2 for the campaign thingie.


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