Friday, June 24, 2011

I met a goal today

Well, half a goal at least... I had a paid photo gig this morning. :) I know a woman who needed some product photoing, so I took my tripod and my camera over to her house and she set up a backdrop and had lighting. That was a stroke of luck... I want/need a backdrop and some lighting and perhaps after a few more sessions I will look into that. She sells boot socks for equestrians... so I put socks on dummy legs and got to work photoing... and I think she was pleased, although all I can see are all the things I still don't know about my camera :)

Anyhow... The photos are unedited as yet, so I am not going to share any here. Maybe later... maybe you will want to buy socks from her after you see my pictures! ;) I have a couple pairs... they are comfy!

Ah, so it's been rainy here the past few days. Tag and I have still managed to get out and hike (except for yesterday when the bottom dropped out). The rain has also brought along a few interesting visitors. Here's one:

And now for a nice relaxing weekend with Noah and the prospect of seeing old friends next week!

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