Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogfest cometh...

It's nearly here! Blogfest 2011!

Are YOU ready? If you're interested, you can find more information here.

In other news, I have been both productive and not productive these past days. Lots of baking in the kitchen (quinoa and lentils... a new favorite dish), reading (I am blasting through Harry Potter again... I know I know, but the LAST movie is coming out soon and, as I have stated earlier, I am a re-reader. I can't help it.), knitting (I finished the sweater and have been practicing cable knitting with a scarf. It's pretty and I like it :))... but little writing, painting, drawing, or photography.
The sweater!
I did manage to pull the camera out this past weekend. Noah and I took a long weekend away in the Catskills for Memorial Day. It was our anniversary trip, a little late since I left for the British Isles the day after our anniversary last month. It was a lovely weekend away, no internet, no cell phones... just quiet... well... it would have been quiet if there hadn't been so many FROGS! It was great listening to them sing all night and all day. I didn't mind.

The cabin we stayed at had ponds and a stream, and lots of grassy areas for Tag to chase his frisbee (and his Noah). Noah read and played his banjo. I took long naps. We were all so relaxed and rested that we didn't want to leave when the time came.
The cabin

the dock


Herding that pesky Noah back home

Banjo time!

Back on the home front, I've got a few things growing :) Here are some pictures of the back yard this season... cucumbers and tomatoes, wildflowers sprouting under the bird feeder, and a dragonfly. It's shaping up to be a lovely summer.

Cucumbers sprouting!

Tomatoes flowering!

Those are wildflowers under the bird feeder, not weeds!

I'm almost through building this hutch to go over my tomato plants and protect them from the pesky squirrels.


  1. That cabin looks amazing! And thanks for the shoutout for the blog fest.

  2. sweet shots of the cucs and the dragonfly and I LOVE the editing on the "dock" photo and the noah banjo cool angle photo!!!

  3. Boy howdy, that's one beautiful dog. :) Like, so beautiful, I can't think of anything else to say. Oh! Yay blogfest! See you then!

  4. Thanks gals! @Bess YESSSSS Blogfest!
    @Lori *blush* thanks :) @Julie yep... that's my child... and I love him dearly.

  5. WOW, what a beautiful vacation spot! Love the pictures of Noah with his banjo, heehee. Very poetic-looking!

    When are you coming back to CA to visit hmmm?


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