Thursday, March 25, 2010

This week at the barn

So, we've been furloughed since Wednesday. That means extra time for me to do the fun things I always hold a grudge against work for keeping me from. I've been busy!

Monday evening is my usual night to ride Watson for practice. So as usual, I went to the barn and Debbie was there teaching a small child a riding lesson (so cute)... and I went to pull out the old boy and tack up... except that Watson was missing his front right shoe. Bummer... that's the third time in 2 months he's pulled off his shoe. Debbie was not pleased. Nor was I as I was likely to lose my ride that evening and I need to maintain a steady schedule if I'm going to work through my nonsense anxiety, etc. Luckily, I didn't have to go home without climbing up... but all W and I got to do was walk around for 40 minutes. At least he got out and stretched.

Yesterday was day 1 of furlough time. I did NOT go to the barn to ride. I stopped by to unblanket some horses for a friend and then Noah, Tag and I headed for the coast. We went to Dillon Beach by Bodega Bay. (Cue lovely photos)

Today, day 2 of furlough, I spent at the barn. I watched W in a lesson with another rider, watched Debbie have a lesson, then came back in the afternoon and rode HoneyBee, an appendix Quarter horse. Debbie needed to work her and her own horse, Diego... so after I warmed up Bee, Debbie let me get on Diego, her gigantic thoroughbred gelding. All I did was sit there on Diego, and concentrate on breathing and not moving my leg AT ALL. Diego took me all around the arena at a walk that leaves Watson in the dust!

Truth be told, I'm a little scared of Diego. He's stepped on me before and it hurt. My toe was purple for a week. And getting on his back didn't make me complacent... he can't step on me from there, but he could break my neck... still... riding him, even so basically, was encouraging. I didn't die, didn't fall off, and didn't go rocketing off into the great beyond. Whee!

Tomorrow we're going to look at a new horse that may be coming to stay with us at WC and be used for lessons. Furlough = More barn time!!

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  1. Eek I hope Watson stops pulling shoes. Is he doing in turn out or just in his stall??

    I remember a long time ago Debbie put me on Diego for a minute while she schooled Altair, and just walking him around I was like "holy crap, Altair's wayyy down there!"


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