Monday, March 15, 2010

One of those Mondays

It's 5:30 a.m. and I can already tell what kind of day it's going to be. I've been up for half an hour mopping up a leaky fish tank... Sigh... problem is, I still can't figure where most of the water went. I hate that at normal hours of the day... but 5 a.m. the day after daylight savings switched is just cruel. I'm trying NOT to think about the fact that it's really 4:30 a.m. to my body and just focus on the fact that I'm definitely up in time to go to work... grumble grumble... oh, and I have some time to write on my blog.

And here's Jack, working on his seafood breakfast. As far as I know he hasn't caught anything, but then, I have had a fish literally disappear from the tank this time around.

I finished up a paper for my Women's Studies course last week; the last paper for Asian-American Novel... a challenging class for me this quarter. I enjoyed learning new things, but I'm happy to put that class behind me, honestly. I forgot how intense a novel based class is and I don't feel like I really got into any of the texts we studied... or sampled, I should say, because a novel a week with 2 discussion periods on each is hardly studying.

So in other news, I'm working on preparing for a horse show at WC in May, I think. I somehow feel that, even with a couple months to work on the effort I'm going to be completely unprepared. No fault of Debbie's... I just don't feel show quality. Perhaps that's not the point... the point is the experience, I suppose.

I can't figure how, though, when we don't even get any notes from a judge, so I won't know if she just didn't like my nose or if my riding sucks or if whatever issue she finds can be fixed... But the point is the experience.

On Saturday, Leslie and I worked on some suppleness exercises with our horses. Watson is so stiff in his shoulders and neck. I could feel him clenching almost the entire time we were doing the exercises. The last time through he felt a little different, a little more supple I think... but we have a lot to work on.

Also, my equitation sucks. It's just dreadful... hands wrong, leaning too far, elbows wrong... leg moves too much. I'm a mess! And I wonder why I can't seem to get out of my head when I ride. Ha! Well, I have a ride tonight and w/daylight savings, maybe I can be outside and enjoy it? But I still have a lot to work on.

It's kitten feeding time and the cats are crying. Apparently they believe they are starved and abused.

Sigh... Monday...

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  1. I'm jealous of your horse knowledge and the time you have to spend on it! Sounds wonderfully challenging. Coming to SC anytime soon?


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