Monday, March 29, 2010

It's late

It's late. I should be in bed... I have an early start in the morning. But I can't bring myself to break the magic that is my living room at the moment.

In one corner, the squirrely orange kitty twirs and darts up and down his cat condo, lost in his own frenzied imagination. His sister crouches under the fish tank, watching the orange kitten antics and waiting for her moment to pounce.

The more civilized elder kitties have taken up their respective posts. Gray nameless kitty is cozied up on the red chair cleaning herself and occasionally glancing up to see what nonsense the young ones are up to. Now she's staring at me and wheezing a little bit (probably from eating too much fuzz earlier today).

On the back of the couch next to my right shoulder, my lovely tuxedoed companion is curled and squeezing his eyes shut. He's pretending he isn't interested in the kitten antics either, but we all know he is paying very close attention. He's been with me the longest of all of the furry critters in this house. He's my sweet Bangs.

To my left lies the best dog you will ever meet... my Tag. He's been crashed out on the couch with his head hanging off the side for about an hour and a half now... Noah went to bed a while ago, but Tag sticks by me. I love this dog. He's so cozy and affectionate. He checks in every now and again, flipping his head up and grunting lazily.

In a moment I'll go to bed, too, and break this magic moment, but here I am surrounded by all my animals... and I am content.


  1. Those are the moments that make all the stressing and the vet visits and the expenses of having animals totally worthwhile.

    Hope you slept well!

  2. Psst. Update. Distract me from my paper.

    Write about your dream barn aka our future equestrian center?


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