Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Fantasy Herd

I feel the need to preface this entry by saying "I like hair." ... that is all...

The obvious number one horse in my herd is a gypsy vanner, particularly a plucky gelding. I like the non-standard colors, as well. Most gypsies come in some sort of paint coloration... I like this gray (I'm a sucker for a dapple gray anyhow). What I like best about gypsies (apart from the hair) is their small draftiness... ah yes, the oxymoron of the breed is so appealing :)... that coupled with what is supposed to be a fantastic temperament makes this my number one choice.

Next in my herd would be a Clydesdale. Why? Because it's my fantasy, that's why. I love the massiveness of these animals, the solid figure, the strength. And the hair... the feathered feet for sure... I would NEVER bob the tail or braid the mane of my big bold boy (again, a gelding is my choice). What do I plan to do with this horse? Honestly, I foresee him being a hack around bareback, or liberty training project.

The same is true for this Noriker as it is for the Clydesdale. Gentle and strong with a quiet temperament. That's how I like them :)

I'd also like a fresian for dressage. I love the showy movement of this breed, and, of course, the hair. A la Jane Savoie I see myself growing in my horsemanship and learning more about dressage on this mount. I need some fancy mirrors in my fantasy riding arena (fantasy equestrian center... a topic for another blog), as well, so that I can admire how beautiful my horse is... and perhaps perfect my technique. I do learn best by imitation... I like to see an action to internalize it and imitate it.

Next are two more flashy breeds that I envision doing liberty work with (a la Frederic Pignon).

The beautiful Andalusian (I can still hear Anthony Hopkins' voice in my mind, remembering Zorro's mount, Tornado...)...

and the Lusitano... I like this buckskin, very flashy.

If you didn't think my herd was a little random to begin with, I'd like to add a twist and have a pasture full of (15 or 20) Camargue horses.

These horses are often called "horses of the sea." I find them fascinating! They were originally wild horses living in the Rhone wetlands in France. I have a vision of moving among them as they graze around me freely... sigh...

Finally (and this one will make Leslie happy) I want a black Arabian stallion like Cass Ole.

For those of you who don't know... Cass Ole was "The Black Stallion," and has imprinted on the young hearts and minds of many horse enthusiasts. I'd appreciate it if mine could have the same spunk and personality as Cass Ole, please. Is this too much to ask?

I realize, of course, that my horse choices are not very practical, but who wants to be practical in a fantasy? I refrained from adding anything with horns or wings... that's all I'll grant you!

There you have it... now, Lauren and Leslie, it's your turn! Also, I'm by no means closing the book on this herd. Subject to amendments and additions at any time!

Coming soon, My Fantasy Equestrian Center (or Horse property, more likely).


  1. Yayyy, you did it! I love all the pics.

    That buckskin Lusitano is gorrgeous. And I'd never heard of Noriker's before.

    It's funny how much ours differ. There are no drafts in my fantasy herd. I love to look at them, but I prefer lighter-built horses (with less hair to upkeep haha).

    I'm looking forward to the Fantasy Eq Center post. lol we all need to get rich.

  2. Leslie should win the lottery any day now...

    I'm looking forward to your fantasy herd blog, Lauren.

    Also, I recognize that you buy horses based on soundness and temperament and not breed... but of course in my fantasy herd, the horses are all perfectly sound and absolute angels :)

  3. LOL your fantasy herd was just as I expected! Lots of hair!!

    That first gypsy is gorgeous and you are right that I'm pleased an Arabian made the cut! No Halflingers in your herd, though? More small draftiness in a pretty golden color. =)

    I now have a two-hour class starting, with four police gang task force speakers...seems like a good time to start gathering pictures of my fantasy herd. Ours are going to be so different!!

  4. What pretty horses.

    I have to say I'm partial to bay pinto sporthorses, like Hanoverians and Trakehners and Holsteiners. But also draft crosses. Ever seen a Thorcheron? I'd prefer mine to be dapple gray. :)

    But I would like a plucky little Fjord, too.

  5. Sport horses are def great for riding. I ride a Hano right now... over 16 hands... big boy... lots of fun. I've never heard of a Thorcheron! I'm so going to look that up... is that Thoroughbred/Percheron cross? I absolutely love dapple grays... there's a beautiful gray mare at the barn I ride at. Her name is Tried and True (Tri). She'd be in my fantasy herd, too.

  6. Yep, Thorcheron = Thoroughbred x Percheron. I tried looking for photos of one online, but only indefinite search results popped up. I remember seeing photos of some 15 to 20 years ago, and they stuck in my mind because the horses were so lovely.


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