Saturday, August 11, 2012

WHAT IF? Fairytale Madness Blogfest!

Get ready y'all! It's here! And YOU can still sign up!


Fairytale Madness BlogFest!

AUGUST 13th – 17th


To enter, think of your favorite "well known" fairytale and ask "What If…!" Then, pick one of these four categories: (be sure to mention which category you're joining, during your blog post!)

Finally, write a scene(s) illustrating a new detail of the fabled fairy tale that changes our perspective.
To recap,

  • Is it a plot twist? (Cinderella gets knocked up by the Carriage Driver…)
  • An unknown romance that comes to light? (Snow White dumps the Prince for Grumpy…)
  • A tragic loss occurs? (The Three Little Pigs are too late to save their house…)
  • A little comic relief? (Hansel and Gretel win a trip on Euro Rail, sponsored in part by M&M’s…)

Whatever the change…It's limited only by your imagination – but please keep it PG-13

Other Rules:

  • Post your story during the week of August 13 to 17.
  • Flash Fiction – 300 WORD MAX. (You don't have to tell the whole story in three hundred words. Pick what works to illustrate your point.)

JUDGING CATEGORIES and the respective judges:


(Prize will go to the winner of judge's sponsored category. For example, Leigh's prize goes to the winner of Best Tragedy, Mark's prize goes to winner of Best Comic Relief, etc.)

  • Leigh is offering: A Paperback Copy of "Save The Cat," by Blake Snyder!
  • Morgan is offering: A full manuscript critique!
  • Cassie Mae is offering: $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • Mark is offering: a $25 Hawaiian care package (incl. $5 USPS Priority Shipping) Winner can choose from any number of small items such as candy, trinkets, Kona Coffee, etc.
So go!!! Please! Sign up and join me next week in coming up with some cool twists and turns to our favorite fairy tales! See you around!


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