Sunday, July 11, 2010

Segue number 2

Lori has been here all week :) So I haven't worked on my post I mentioned the other day... instead we did fun things like going to yoga, the Maritime Aquarium in South Norwalk, the Central Park Zoo...

Here are some pictures of our day in New York yesterday, courtesy of Noah :)

This last photo is of people watching the World Cup 3rd place match in Grand Central Station. Pretty cool!

Apart from the zoo in Central Park, we also visited the carousel (of course) and the statue of Balto the sled dog! My sister and I used to watch the cartoon movie about Balto over and over :) It was fun to stop at the actual monument.
This week should be back to normal, somewhat. I'm going to start going to yoga regularly... starting this week, and we have Noah's company picnic on Thursday.

I started a post that I want to finish for anyone who is reading this blog and cares about my mindless musings... I'm hopeful that I will finish it later this week. I need to start keeping a schedule for myself so that I will write more. There's one fiction project in particular that I would like to complete.

It's Sunday evening and I'm going to step outside with a glass of wine to keep my husband company spying on river otters in our back yard. Maybe I'll bring the dog if he promises to be good. (This last photo is courtesy of Lori Marois, a great friend and amazing woman)


  1. Dude, gorgeous pictures!


  2. Ah... forgot to mention :) I got an airbrush tattoo of a mermaid @ the zoo :) NOT a real tattoo. But maybe if I publish my story I will make it real...

  3. Great shots, Noah! Beautiful animals and it looks like you are enjoying yourself....


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