Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's that time of year

Somebody oughta tell these guys that it's not safe for them to be wandering about town this time of year...
On the back side of our block. There were a dozen total!


  1. About turkeys and Thanksgiving.

    I don't know how many juvenile, wild, male turkeys you've had to deal with, but they are well suited to the pot come late november.

    In the fall, the young males begin to posture. It's how they find their mates and their place within the flock. Unfortunately, they don't constrain their posturing to things within their phylum. They will (and I've seen it) posture at CARS. Now city folk sometimes don't know that the Turkey is really no match for the modern sedan, and they will STOP IN THE ROAD--INDEFINITELY! The turkey, seeing that it has been recognized as a true threat to this much larger creature will posture MORE AGGRESSIVELY!!! After all, what better way to show the ladies of your mating potential than to stop some well meaning yuppies in the road?

    Literally, we "rescue" cars from the wild turkeys in our area on a daily basis in November, so it's no wonder some of them are headed for the stew pot! Ornery birds. I apologize to the vegans and vegetarians in the crowd, but really? the wild turkey population is getting out of hand in some areas.

  2. So funny. I think they are confident knowing it's not worth our effort to get them ready to cook when the store bought ones are good to go!

    I've had wild Toms chase my car and get right up in my driver's side window to "yell" at me for having the audacity to drive down the street when half the family was in the woods on one side and half on the other!


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