Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Insecure Writer's Support Group!

Hi everyone! It's the first Wednesday in October. That means it's time for Insecure Writer's Support Group, hosted by ninja captain, Alex Cavanaugh. Anyone can join, so hop on over to the IWSG page and sign up!

My first post in this group for a while. I apologize for my absence. I was... deep under the tidal wave of real life called "Moving Across Country." I think, maybe, that I've figured out how to tread water in my daily life again instead of drowning the way that I have been for the past few months. Ha! And I'm trying to prove it to myself by writing this post out early and scheduling it for the correct day. Because, honestly, I don't want to miss it! Being part of your collective support and feeling supported by IWSG has been such an important part of my growth as a writer over the past couple of years. I appreciate it. VERY MUCH.

So, as it always happens after I've signed up for NaNo, I'm suddenly busy with a trillion things to do! I have three manuscripts to edit, a friend coming from out of town to stay for a while, lots of Doctor Who to watch before the 50th anniversary ep airs on November 23rd (I'm going to see it in 3D on the 25th), more to do at the horse barn... it's just a massive pile of everything good. And I'm grateful for that... that it's all good things... it's just...

Why is it that when I commit to do something like NaNo I get an avalanche of everything else that I want or need to do? Is it the Universe messing with me?

Does this happen to anyone else?

Let's hope by the time you read this that I'm seven- or eight-thousand words further along on my manuscript. That's what NaNo is for, and I'd like to think I have the resolve to get there. Fingers crossed... or not, because I need them for typing.

Happy writing, NaNoing, or whatever adventures in make-believe and magic you are having in your creative life today.


  1. NaNo always seems to creep up around the wrong time of year for me too! Good luck with your manuscript though.

  2. NaNo is the siren call of REALLY important things that cannot wait until tomorrow... and also laundry... and do you think I should mop the floor again today? what if someone wants to look at the house today?

    For me, NaNo is a great idea. I can easily make the 50K in a month, but only if all the outside factors line up. So yeah, I'm packing my house, reading a manuscript ONE. LAST. TIME. (I'm dyslexic, so this part takes a while), apply for jobs in another state, and basically wondering why in Newton's Apple Tree did I think NaNo would happen this year? Well, I'll pound out some more words later and see how far I get.

  3. Betty, it's a conspiracy! LOL. Welcome to IWSG.

  4. I admire all you NaNoNites...
    Your post made me wonder, why is NaNo at such an awkward time of the year?
    Good luck with the MS and happy writing!
    Writer In Transit
    November IWSG co-host.

  5. Good luck with NaNo. I hope you hit your goal.

  6. I'm impressed that you're brave enough to try NaNo! Wishing you all the best!



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