Monday, October 29, 2012

In face of the oncoming storm

Reading material. I have Margo Berendsen to thank for a
couple of these suggestions.
We have all our preparations down to a science now. This will be the third heavy, power-loss-inducing storm to have hit us in two years, and the one with the most warning. Our list of supplies: coffee, pre-ground with no-refrigeration-necessary creamer; water, to drink and in the bathtub for flushing purposes; alternative light sources, matches/candles and battery powered lanterns; emergency radio for, you know, emergencies; blankets and reading material (see photo).

We decided to try to act normal while waiting for this newest weather threat to pummel us within an inch of our lives. I keep hoping the predictions are all worst-case-scenarios and that we're actually going to be completely fine. Denial much? Sigh...

Normal for us is pretty subdued anyhow. But with Halloween right around the corner, it was pumpkin carving time. We broke out the unconventional tools (a wood carving set and a seam-ripper were the most useful implements) and spent the evening whittling away.

If you've read this blog much over the past year, you might have picked up on the fact that I'm a Doctor Who fan. So this year's pumpkins have a theme from one of my favorite episodes: Blink (season 3, ep. 11).**

Doctor #10... my second favorite Doctor, but there are a
lacking of #9 stencils out there, sadly.

Noah's completely terrifying rendition of a weeping angel

The two together on the porch.

I would have taken a better picture of the two of them but it was late, it was chilly, and there may or may not have been a horrifyingly huge spider sighted in that general vicinity earlier in the evening. I was nervous!

I hope you all have a happy Halloween! And here's hoping that the storm decides to be kind. Please no prolonged power outages!

**Every minute spent carving was one LESS minute spent obsessing over the weather channel and the path of this ridiculously slow and threatening behemoth of a storm.


  1. Stay safe during the storm! I just got Shadow and Bone in the mail so I'm hoping to read that soon as well. Great pumpkins! I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Fantastic pumpkins! Please stay safe :)

  3. I definitely approve of your Lois Bujold choice. I liked that one, but I LOVE her Vorkosigan series (love love love).

  4. Those pumpkins are awesome!!! Enjoy Beauty Queens, it's one of the most unusual books I read, but I loved it. I also really liked Going Bovine by Libba Bray. She's an amazing writer.

    Hope you stay safe during the storm!

  5. Hope you are weathering the storm alright!

    I'm impressed by your pumpkin-carving skills.

  6. Seraphina and Shadow and Bone!!!! Squeal!!! We must discuss them when you are done reading them. And let me know what you think of the other two, too. And yay for NaNo - so sorry you had to start without power but hopefully you have power again by now? Your word count looks good!


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