Thursday, March 15, 2012

Internship... you get out of it what you put in **UPDATED**

**Updated at the end.**

Quick post before I have to head in to the City this morning. I have been MIA the past week or so because I started this internship 3 days a week in the City with a literary agency. I would love to report that all is going well and I'm having the time of my life. Truth is, it's a mixed bag.

The thing I keep reminding myself is, I'm not getting paid. I'm volunteering time to learn about an area of the book business. I don't NEED a job. I WANT the experience.

And I am getting experience. I have read over a hundred submissions in the past 2 3 weeks, I would venture, the majority unsolicited. I could tell you right up front what will get through and what won't. Of what gets through, I couldn't tell you what will get picked up, though. This agent is finicky. She says she doesn't want to pass up on a really good manuscript. It's possible that we just have different ideas of what is good. 

However, that's an area for me to learn in, too. What do I know about what sells? I guess in the YA market, I have a bit of an eye. I've read a LOT of YA... but then, not as much as some of YOU. Still, I know what people are reading right now. In other markets not so much.

Sigh... on the other hand... I have had my patience tested over the past 2 3 weeks in ways I did not realize I might. I'm sitting on a hard chair at a kitchen table in a tiny Manhattan apartment, walking someone else's dog, commuting 3 hours a day... all to deal with a personality that I find less than appealing... trying to squeeze information about the business out of her... because it's more than choosing a good manuscript. Of that I am sure.

I guess I'm telling you all this, not to excuse myself for having been absent from the blogging world, so much as to say it's not all a bed of roses on the other side of the pen and paper... and I'm beginning to understand that actually means.

I hope to make it around and read some blogs this weekend. So write some good posts for me!

**I have to retract a statement. I really DO appreciate her personality... when she's not wearing her boss hat... and when she IS... I just have trouble dealing with her work style.

Today I found got better as I went... I'm sure in part due to the encouraging vibes you all are sending my way :)**


  1. Yeah, working for free is hard. It's also hard to get an internship at an agency. I'm sure you'll start to figure out your agents manuscript preferences soon.

    The thing to remember about internships: it is a real job. As real as any other job. I can tell you're giving it that part, but know that the intern world is the way they train people for publishing, so try to think of it not as a job that you work at for free, but as a free college class that is immeasurably useful to your future career (which is totally better than the majority of college classes I've taken).

  2. I like how Rena put it, "...a free college class that is immeasurable useful to your future career..." So true! So sorry your 'boss' isn't that likable, hopefully you'll get her figured out soon and it won't be as difficult to deal with her.

    Head up, lady!

  3. Thanks for the advice, both of ya. I really wanted some outside perspective... needed it :) I appreciate it. <3

  4. That's really cool!! I wish I could get a job like that, even if I didn't get paid. Maybe it's not super fun, but I think it would be a wonderful learning experience. I've missed you're posts, though!

    Btw I tagged you on my blog, here:

  5. Your welcome, friend! Sometimes we just need our personal cheerleaders to let us know they are rooting for us. So..... GO TEAM FAIRBETTY!!!! *wink*


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