Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group

I've been lurking around others' sites long enough looking at this monthly blog group. It's time to self-identify. I am an insecure writer. There's no two ways around that. So, the idea of this support group is to post once a month with this tag and talk about my insecurities (and hopefully about victories over my insecurities)... and then go around to other writers' blogs and comment/show support for them. I can get behind that. Especially because one of my main insecurities is that no one is actually listening to (reading) me. Oh, but thank you SO much to my good friends who consistently comment, even if it's just to say hello.

Isn't that just every writer's fear, somewhere deep inside? That no matter how targeted, how sculpted, how well written your work, no one will connect with it. You'll meet with the sound of crickets... if you're lucky... instead of the sound of interaction. Because... even negative interaction is something... even if people disagree with you, at least you know that they heard you...

Sigh... so that's my insecure writer's post, my first one. Now I'm off to say hi to some other writers out there, to comment, to play, to interact.


  1. Hi, I dropped in from Alex's site. It's my first month too.

  2. Wonderful post! Although I have to admit that I think hearing crickets is better than hearing silence - I'll take cricket and frog song over no response at all.

  3. Welcome to the group, fairbetty! The IWSG is an awesome place to vent and provide support for your fellow writers. You'll find many us who are happy to give you a hand up when you need it.

    We all share that same fear, of not connecting with our audience. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I'm a new follower. I hope you come on over to my place sometime, too.

  4. Oh yeah, I've had days where I have wondered if anyone is reading me. Am I talking to a wall? Horrible feeling. Welcome to the group.

  5. Hi - nice to meet you :) I'm listening! I'm interacting :)
    Yeah - I think you're right - I know I fear that tumbleweed to the song of crickets too!
    New follower here

  6. I hope I don't make you more insecure by saying this, but we all start with crickets. We're like the Who's in Horton Hears a Who. :)

    We just keep working and eventually folks start to hear us. Like in that movie, Field of Dreams. We have to make the field first. And it's a damn lot of work.

    So, just keep at it. :) Glad you joined the group, fairbetty.

  7. I find that if I write something with the object of trying to please a certain audience (or, even worse, trying to please EVERYONE), my writing sucks. I have to write what I want to write--the story that is hammering at my brain wanting to come out--and hope that someone else might enjoy it too! Thanks for joining the IWSG!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  8. That's true - even negative feedback is a response. We just have to try because what if it's a positive response?
    Thanks for joining the IWSG!

  9. Ah, the sound of crickets! I really need to find a local writers group and put more stuff out there. After this draft finishes. Isn't blogging a kind of willingness to engage and be called on it, though?

    [shouts encouragement!]

  10. No crickets from me. :)

    I'm excited to see the wrapped-up-and-polished Lilith! Many cheers to you on that.

    (I haven't seen Princess Tutu, but it just made the list. Whee! A great big post where I plug my favorite anime is BOUND to show up, one of these days. *grin*)


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