Monday, January 9, 2012

Ah Monday...

Good morning Monday. I mean, good late morning... I have been up since before the sun today... attempting the creative life... struggling to stay awake while scribbling morning pages out into the universe... reading my creative inspirational readings... and visiting the Subaru dealership to get the car serviced. Ah Monday. You sure do know how to mix together aspects of life that I wouldn't ordinarily let associate. What better way to spend an hour and a half, though? If I had to wait for the car, at least I wasn't wasting my time... not really. Ok, maybe a little. They have a TV there! (we don't have TV at home) So naturally I was a little distracted by Matt Lauer and crew... and all those commercials!

I have never been more thankful that we don't have TV (we do have A tv, but not TV, get it?) than I am at this current stage in my life. I am so easily distracted by the computer, much less the ever babbling world of modern media. If I had a conduit to that flow, I would slip into a stupor of inaction that I know I would never recover from. Sometimes I miss not knowing the pop-culture answers at pub trivia (we woulda won the other week if we only watched TV). But on the whole, I feel less anxiety... I can breathe more, better, find time to do things... or at least have one less major excuse for not doing things that I want to do.

I'm working on myself recently. Working on figuring out what my hangups are with just getting my creative projects done. It's not as if I don't have time. But something keeps holding me back from allowing myself to play and in the process be successful and creative. I think I'm getting closer to the source. The monsters have been rumbling more and I haven't been able to sleep very well. Weird dreams about werewolves and Neil Gaiman and Harry Potter...

So I have to check in with myself and ... just ... breathe ...

How do you tap into the flow of your creativity? Any hangups you would like to share?

This beautiful owl lives at the nature center
a friend of mine runs in NJ.


  1. TV might be the thing I'd miss the least. Too many commercials. But then I have Netflix on the computer. Better than TV. :)

    I like to write in the mornings. Some morning I like to lay still for awhile. Things just sweep into my brain, and it inspires the rest of the day--how to fix current work, new stories, etc...

  2. I listen to music and watch fast-paced, epic movies. I also read the kind of stories I would hope to write. Sometimes I look at beautiful paintings.

    In terms of television, I pretty much watch CNN and Family Guy to the exclusion of everything else. I do like movies, though.

  3. Free Cell. But it also helps to clear my head, so . . . I dunno! I just make sure I do a page a day. I usually do more than that, but even if that's all I get done, I don't get hung up on feeling bad about myself for slacking. Sometimes I think I get more hung up on the fact that I'm hung up, if that makes sense?

    Sounds like you are figuring it out! Keep it up :)

  4. I have TV to watch movies but we don't get any channels and I can't imagine now, being channel free I think for almost 6 years, how I ever managed to find time with TV around. Then again, there weren't so many distractions on the internet back then, too.

    I wish I knew how to turn on my creative side. It just comes when it wants. With brute force I can activate it - forcing out 2 or 3k of writing and then it starts to flow naturally. But I like it better when the good stuff comes on its own.


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