Saturday, March 12, 2011


I will get over it eventually, I'm sure, but... we just weathered our first Connecticut winter after moving from California... and I'm a little bit excited. :) I love watching the earth wake up after her long dark slumber... it's magical!

Today Noah and I took a hike with Tag at a place called Trout Brook Preserve. I brought the camera along because it was such a lovely day.

The snow has almost melted all away, but there were still slippery patches around along with the mud and slush. The rains we've had the past week have melted a lot of snow and caused the rivers and streams to overflow with water. It's been exciting in not such a good way. But our house is up on a hill, so not prone to flooding... and we were prepared to slog through the runoff where we had to today for a bit of exercise in the fresh warming air.

A Noah in his natural habitat.
The creeks were indeed full, and there were lots of puddles, but nothing too bad.

Near the end of our hike I spotted this lovely lady peering at us from a tree at the edge of the clearing.

Female Eastern Bluebird
We came home and opened the upstairs windows to let in some fresh air and let out the winter mustiness. The cats love staring out the open windows... no pictures of them though. It'll be time to start my spring cleaning when Noah and I get back from Florida next week.

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  1. Looks like you've found lots of cool new hiking spots! Love the pictures, as always.


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