Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A break from Winter

This past weekend was warm in the Northeast. It would have been lovely to tramp around the countryside discovering all the budding and blooming flowers, hearing the cacophony of singing frogs in the forest.

Except, we went to Florida. The trip to a tropical clime was much needed after this long cold winter. We began thawing out immediately, soaking in every ounce of humidity and sun we could handle. I, of course, brought my camera to capture some of our trip.

Our good friend Emi got married at Epcot Center this weekend, which was why we went to Florida in the first place (aside from the thawing out). We had a wonderful time at her wedding, and she let me take photos of her and her sister getting ready that morning, to add to my portfolio. Here is a sampling of those photos:

And here are a couple photos at the ceremony...

We took it real easy at the resort, went to Epcot one afternoon, but mostly just laid around by the pool. It was lovely. At one point we took a series of buses to get to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the resort connected to the Animal Kingdom Park. We ate a wonderful vegetarian lunch there and then spent some time watching the animals that live at the resort. It was better than the zoo :)

The rest are the photos I took at Epcot. The light was fading, so I had to work fast. :) We had a good time, though. It was nice to be with friends and in the warm weather and sunshine. Just a little shot of vitamin D to carry us through until it warms up for good here at home.

It snowed again this morning.


  1. Wow, that zebra/deer hybrid is cool-looking!

  2. Ha ha! Leslie, that zebra/deer hybrid is actually its own species... an Okapi. Very rare, very cool creature. You should look them up :)


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