Thursday, November 11, 2010

A shameless blog of pet photos

I don't mean to brag... well... maybe I do... but I have the cutest pets ever! I am having fun experimenting with Lori's camera and our little point and shoot and snagged some lovely photos of the animals... at least the ones that hang out with people during the day. Bangs and the NNK are missing from these shots because they antisocially stay upstairs pretty much all the time.

This is Tag's "I'm so cute, I know you want to take me outside right now" face

Captain Jack is such beautiful shade of orange that B/W seems an odd choice, but doesn't he look so elegant here?

Posing for his photo

This is Tag's "I'm so cute, don't you want to play with me right now?" face
Lori brought a penguin blanket over. Tag is in love. Note the super awesome octopillow behind Gill

This is Tag's "stop dancing and stop taking photos of me" face

"I'm so vicious!"
Seriously, Tag's in love with this blanket.
It's been chilly here. Who can blame him?
In other news, the novel is coming along very well. Yay! I mean, the word count is definitely rising. We'll see if the content ever actually congeals into something substantial :) But, I'm having fun with it, which is, I suppose, the point.

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