Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The month of November is here!

I would like to confess that this month I'll be participating in "Nanowrimo" (That's National Novel Writing Month)... I'm a little nervous, because I don't know that I actually have it in me... but I have the desire to be a novelist... and this is the only way I know how to motivate myself. Thankfully I have friends to keep me accountable, and a lovely supportive husband who is encouraging me to do this.

For the record, this is a novel idea I've had since high school... it's a fantasy themed young adult novel... and there you go... Also for the record (for those of you that are aware... i.e. Leslie, Beth, others...), I have NOT forgotten about the other novel idea... and will return to that after the month of November. I REALLY want to finish one of these things... and am hopeful that success in that vein will lead to finishing other projects.

In the meantime, here are some photos of Halloween weekend in the City (Fort Tryon Park and Greenwich Village) and some fun with cats and pumpkins at home... Love...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they come in black!

I have a soft spot for ceramic poultry. Don't ask why.

Loved these colors in the window
Fort Tryon Park, NYC

They also come in "chinchilla grey"

Photo credit: Lori Marois

Stella Scooter, very cool
Lori and Tag romping in the leaves

And then calming down.

Tag actually did very well in the city.

Ah, the Village
Cutest kitten ever, Gillyflower

And her brother, Jack the pumpkin kitty

Jack the Pumpkin King
Noah's vampire pumpkin
Lori's pumpkin had leaf cutouts on it.
Noah has to bundle up to canoe now

It's definitely fall here.

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