Sunday, September 22, 2013

Return trip: Settling in (Lots of photos)

We made it to Cali! There were a couple of days that I wasn't sure that was going to be possible... but we made it, safe and sound, to be greeted warmly by our friends.

I'm so grateful to be here. The apartment we're living in is spacious and quiet (most of the time) and largely unpacked now. We have art on the walls and I have an office! It's in the guest room, of course, but it's my own space from which to work and I like it so far.
Living Room

But I'm most happy to be in Davis because of the people. CA people are my kind of people... and we have some good friends here. Who could ask for more?
Our hammock lives at Leslie's now (down the street from
us). She's loving it.

We had a night of Melon Madness where we tasted as many
heirloom melon varieties as we could find.

There are plenty of great places to walk the pup. He's so
I took photos for the Brian Sabo clinic that Debbie and Leslie rode in the week after we got back. Here are a few of my shots.
Debbie on Quincy 
Winston's nose

Leslie and Winston

Michelle and Loki warming up for their lesson


Debbie on Grace. The only picture I caught of her with a
smile on her face.
Next post will hopefully have some pictures of a Carriage Driving Event in it. Right now I'm going to have breakfast and head to an open meditation session at the Davis Meditation Center. Time to clear my mind and get centered.


  1. Awesome! Packing here has only just hit full swing. We're shipping stuff out later this week, but we didn't get on the boat soon enough, we'll be moving after the semester now.

    1. Let me know when you're in the area! We'll have a real life blogger meet-up!


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