Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Knights of Microfiction!

It's time for a little flash fiction exercise. I'm excited to participate in Kathy and Jessica McKendry's monthly meme "Knights of Microfiction!"

For those of you who don't HATE flash fiction with a passion (you know who you are), anyone can join us to stretch your fingers and get the creative juices flowing. You can sign up on Kathy's pagePost your entry before 11:59pm on Wednesday Jan, 16th and then go around to read as many other entries as you can.

Here's this month's prompt:

In 400 words or less your character(could also be more than one) has a chance meeting with someone who will change their life.

And here's my entry, the intro from last year's NaNo project (hope that's not cheating):

Mermaids don’t just happen to exist, they’re made. No one knows exactly where the first one came from, she won’t tell. But after she arrived in Orkney waters, people began to "mysteriously" disappear.

Tides along that cursed coast are murderously swift and subtle, taking the unsuspecting wanderer off guard disturbingly often. No warning waves crash out the threat of violence that the water brings with it. Linger too long among the tidal pools, and before you realize it, water seeps in around your ankles and then, with a woosh, past your waist, up to your shoulders and carries you out to sea.

That's how it happened to Lilith in her 15th year of life. Despite her mother's warning, Lilith crept down one twilight to crawl amongst the tide pools, fascinated by the myriad creatures that made their home in that transient strip of land and sea. She laid herself down to get a better look at a giant anemone clinging to the porous rock. His swirling tentacles and pulsing colors, magenta, umber, canary, held her in a hypnotic spell while the waters crept in closer and closer until she was trapped with no way back to the shore. Dark water enveloped the jagged rocks as the tide rushed in, filling the empty spaces in the pock marked shore, and then it was too late.

If anyone had been watching, they would have seen a swirl of black water, green sea grass, and auburn hair as Lilith gasped and grasped at nothing and slipped away. But they would have missed what really happened.


  1. No it's not cheating! I love it! Thanks for joining in.

  2. Oh boy - I want to know more - I love mermaids.

  3. This is an excellent flash fiction! and a different take on mermaids. I loved the sea anenome.


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