Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gratuitous Puppy Post

I know I know... but my awesome dog, Tag, turns 4 today and I just can't believe he's grown up so much! If you can't tell, I love my dog. He's my child. He's amazing, smart, beautiful, and so well behaved.

We hike together, snuggle together, play ball and dance around the kitchen together. Seriously... I can't imagine a better pup for me.

So happy birthday, Tag. You'll get a big fat treat later and a present to shred into bits. I know you'll love it. I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Tag!

    You're a magnificent creature.

    Keep keeping your mom happy.

  2. Happy Birthday, Taggers! What a lucky boy! He's amazing and well-behaved in large part because of the wonderful care and attention he receives. :-) So great that you have all these awesome photos of him. Love the splashing picture, and the hover-puppy in the snow picture!

  3. He's beautiful! And I love the family portrait (4th pic down).

  4. What a gorgeous pup! Rough Collie?

  5. Happy late birthday! Such a gorgeous dog!


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