Tuesday, September 4, 2012

IWSG! Self-doubt

I don't think I could be more clear in my choice of topic today for Insecure Writer's Support Group (thanks Alex Cavanaugh for hosting).

Trouble is, expressing it... self-doubt... is not as easy as it sounds. It creeps in for me in more places than just in my writing... I find myself leaving projects undone because I feel that no one will care but me, that my creation is amateur, juvenile, worthless.

And then I remember the Artist's Way, a book given to me by my awesome Uncle Pat (everyone should have an awesome Uncle Pat, by the way... he's an inspiration. Remind me to tell you about him sometime). In the book, Julia Cameron talks about allowing your creations to take form, about not having expectations of yourself that each thing you create (especially the early attempts) be perfect.

It's helpful for me to think that way... that each thing I create (story, painting or stuffed cat) is a step along my journey... and each step is beautiful, even if it seems awkward to me.

Sigh... so I'm here, finishing things that I've started now and being happy that I'm a step closer to where I want to be.

Anyone else feel this way? Just me?


  1. You are definitely not alone with that feeling :) At the moment I keep wanting to start a whole new project rather than finish what I started. Self-doubt visits and tells you to give up. Sometimes we forget that any progress is a small but meaningful step towards a goal. I just which I had a better memory for that kind of thinking.

    A friend also recommended The Artist Way for me and it is great. Your in good hands with that one. Cheers.

  2. I'm pretty good at following through to a point, but yeah... then I look and think 'that's not nearly what I was shooting for'... so I totally hear you. I wonder how we do that 'no expectations' thing. If I didn't have lofty expectations, I'm not sure I could summon the 'keep going' thing...

  3. I think it's normal for a writer to experience self-doubt...There are many successful writers and artists who probably felt the same way you did when they first started out.

  4. I have learned that doubting myself is a surefire way of knowing that I am onto something I want to tell, so instead of something negative I see it as very positive :)

  5. I'm a perfectionist, and I struggle not to make everything perfect. But if I do the best I can, then at the time, it's as perfect as I can make it.
    Thanks for participating in the IWSG!


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