Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Riding in Waipio Valley

This post is for Leslie <3

Two years and I finally get back in the saddle somewhere. Had a nice 2 and a half hour ride through Waipio Valley on this very pleasant little bay mare named Jessie. I could move here. But I'd get lonely after a while I think.

Please ignore the fact that I'm tilting to the left.
Who doesn't put enough weight in their right foot?

Isn't the Percheron Noah is riding so cute, too?
It was very nice to be back on the back of a horse... still, I could feel shadows of my old anxiety and neurosis fluttering about in my chest. I'm glad to have this happy, relaxed experience under my belt at least... and while the other noobs couldn't keep their horses from eating any and every plant they passed, Noah and I were able to manage very well (they asked us NOT to let the horses graze/eat mangoes, avocados, etc. while we were on the trail). Ha!

Waipio Valley is absolutely gorgeous, as well. And what better way to see it?


  1. ELISABETH, YOU WERE RIDING!! AND SO WAS NOAH!! And holy crap, what a beautiful backdrop. I am grinning from ear to ear seeing those pictures! Thanks for sharing!!! It makes me happy to see you on a horse again! Are you re-addicted? ;-)

  2. According to Leslie ^ this seems like a momentous occasion! So great job! You look like a pro :)

    I'd never ridden a horse before we went on our cruise in March (of this year!) and it was so much fun! I'll admit, I was scared, but I had a good horse :)

  3. Eeee I'm excited to see you on a horse too!! And the scenery looks crazy gorgeous.


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