Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group, yay!

Hi all! It's time for a monthly installment of Insecure Writer's Support Group, as hosted by Alex Cavanaugh.

I don't know about you, but I can't believe it's already April! Where does the time get to?

I wanted to post about blogging memes today... because they make me insecure. Currently, when I look through my blog reader, it seems like I am the only person I know who is NOT doing the A-Z Challenge, a monthly meme started here.

Now, part of the reason I didn't join in was because I've been doing an internship in the City (which ends April 19th). The internship has been intense and educational and I'm SO glad I have had the chance to take part, to get dressed up professionally, commute into NYC, and learn about the art of discovering a marketable manuscript. But it takes up a lot of time! So I haven't been posting very regularly, anyhow... and the idea of writing a blog post a day within the loose theme of the alphabet (much less the more planned out themes that I see some of you are doing)... well I'm not super woman.

But also, I don't want to be a joiner just because I think I'm supposed to attach meaning to something that everyone else does. I'm not just referring to this particular challenge. There are "blog awards" and weekly/monthly memes all OVER the place! How does a girl choose between them all without feeling like she's missing out on something, or more importantly, without feeling like she's losing her blogging identity?

Obviously I am choosing. I'm participating in a meme right now! IWSG has been very useful to me - from reading other writers' insecurities to sharing my own insecurities to receiving supportive feedback. I will definitely continue to participate in this one. I just wonder, does anyone else out there besides me feels overwhelmed by the flood of daily/weekly/monthly blog memes?


  1. Yes! I've had to cut way back on the number of blog fests I participate in because I just don't have the time. I guess it's one of those trade offs, if you want to build connections, you have to join in. But there's only so much joining and A-Z and Movie MEME I can do.

    And I always feel like I'm slacking for not joining the A-Z because it's like EVERYONE is doing it. Uhg. I also hate feeling left out, but there are only so many hours in a day. Miner are pretty much booked.

  2. Ah, whew! Glad to know it's not just me!

  3. I'm not doing the A-Z either, but I really wanted to. Instead I'm just supporting where I can. You just have to pick and choose where you'll participate, because we all have life getting in the way. Everyone understands. After doing the last platform-building campaign, I had to pass this one up, because I just HAVE to finish editing my MS.

  4. I'm also not doing the A-Z challenge. The idea didn't inspire me, and I don't have time to try to blog every day on something that doesn't inspire me.
    But I am enjoying reading others' entries.

  5. I'm with you, too! I just couldn't do it. I hit the ground running after my spine surgery in Feb. doing #wipmadness's March Madness, and although I got a ton of writing, blogging and revising done, I'm whooped, dog-tired, deflated...

    During April, I'm just going to relax. Blog when I want, write & hopefully finish up revisions. Have fun. About the only thing I vow to do, is visit blogs weekly. I've set the goal at 25-30 per week. But no contests / challenges for me. :)

    I say, ENJOY life, writing, and blogging!

  6. This is my third year blogging and the first time I've tried to the A-Z challenge, and I only did it because it finally "felt right" - I desired to stretch out and try some some new things, and this was the perfect opportunity. I think you have it nailed - you do the blogfest or challenge or meme that fits you or sounds like fun! I'd love to hear about your internship.


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