Thursday, October 27, 2011

Technologically challenged much?

Wow... I just figured out how to put new tabs on my blog... It took me THAT LONG!* Not that I have that much to say elsewhere... but it is nice to be able to point people to my smugmug account... especially since I would like to start drumming up some artsy photography business on the side (on the side of what? hmmm... enigmatic...). Anyhow... look look look look at the top of the page there and tell me if you see it, can access it, get redirected to my page when you click the link...

And now enough of THAT distraction. It's a good thing I figured out how to do that before next week. I could have lost valuable word count. Time to disable Plants vs. Zombies for the month now, too...

*I swear I'm usually really good at figuring out web gadgets and such... this one just eluded me for a while.


  1. I was able to open the page which listed some of your photographs. :)

    I post on a blog, flickr and other pursuits in-between life and for me it's a combination of not having enough time and patience to learn anything more advanced than what I'm doing at the present. :)

  2. Thank you @Jeff. Glad to know that others out there in the internet universe can see what I put out there for them to see.

  3. Yup, link works! Had fun looking at the pet pictures! Gillyflower is so purdy.

    What the heck is Plants v. Zombies? Sounds fascinating.


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