Friday, July 22, 2011


So, I decided I should do some self portraits because I, deep down... like the rest of humanity... am narcissistic and who doesn't like to see pictures of themselves...? Really...

The thing is, I haven't prepared for a project like that... and really I should be more creative about it... I just pointed  the camera at myself and this is what I ended up with...

Scary, really... the pores on my face are so ... obvious... and I have so many skin blemishes! Hmmmm... I think the object of a self portrait project (besides narcissism) will have to be learning to love myself the way that I am... because while I look at those blemishes and think "God! I should wear make-up!" the thing is that I won't... and I shouldn't have to hide my imperfections... Isn't the dog cute? :)

But it could also be fun to REALLY make myself up... to be wildly fanciful... to tap that part of me that wishes I had wings or was a tree sprite... so maybe this project will evolve... I need to find a way to release the creative spirit that is trapped within me... and hopefully she will start to write again soon.

"My soul
It's dying to be freed
You see.. I can't live the rest of my life
So guarded
It's dying to be freed
It's up to me to choose
What kind of life I'd lead" Marie Digby


  1. Have I told you lately how beautiful you are? You are beautiful.

  2. I miss you! And you are beautiful! (And so is the Tagster.)

  3. {{*SQUEEEEZE*}} (that's me hugging both of you lovely wonderful women)...


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