Monday, May 2, 2011

Cashel, Ireland (and other fun)

First, because it's always fun to imagine yourself as someone else...

This is Hufflepuff Me. And I'm totally considering getting those braids :)

Oh yeah... She's hot... she's brainy... she has an owl !
Check it out here!
Ah.... :)

Now on to Ireland.
Our first stop was Cashel (pronounced like Castle... with a lisp). At Cashel we find the Rock of Cashel, a large castle on the top of... well... a rock. Also, a beautiful and amazing abbey. Our hostel was right next to both the castle and the abbey, so we made quick work of visiting these places. The abbey was my favorite. Right in the middle of a field... no admission price, just read the info sign and then slip through the gate... oh, and navigate the herd of marauding young bulls. Yeah. They were just a little too curious for my comfort. But we survived them... and it was beautiful.

The abbey

The gang of bulls and our hostel in the background

The town of Cashel

Castle interior detail

Castle exterior

Ah the Emerald Isle. Not so stirring to me as Scotland. It's lovely... I just loved Scotland more.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, especially the one of you in Hufflepuff. :) But no, really. Gorgeous.


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