Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flash post from Scotland

Sorry, no pictures yet... and I only have 5 minutes left of webtime, so this will have to be really quick. I just wanted to update anyone who reads and/or cares about this blog/me on my trip. Scotland is amazing. It's green and cool and rugged and I love it. I just spent 4 days in the Orkney Islands. What a beautiful part of the world... I can't express in words, although I'm hoping to at a later date express in a novel... I can't wait to share my photos with you!

Things that have surprised me: the vegetarian friendly options at almost every location... the ease with which I've adjusted to driving a stick shift with my left and and on the left side of the road... the super weather we've had...

It's really lovely. I promise to upload photos as soon as I hit US soil. I'm in Ireland all next week, though, so it'll be a little while yet.

I miss my dog and love and miss my husband so much! But this has been a wonderful adventure so far, and I'm glad that it will continue for a while longer.

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  1. So exciting! Can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. I'm glad it sounds like it's everything you were hoping it'd be!! Wish I could be there to share the adventure with you, but so happy you're having a blast! Can't wait to see the pictures and hear more!!


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