Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice storm and cat photos

I'm cozied up indoors today, during this gross day of winter storming. In my continuing quest to perfect my skill at photography, I spent some time taking photos of the ice on the trees outside... and of the kitties inside. I hope you enjoy.

The nameless grey kitty is hard to photo because she either looks terrified or she's in a bad position... but I think Bangs is hardest because his face is so white that it blends with his chest and you end up getting a too much underexposed shot trying to compensate.

The trees are covered in ice now, but we were expecting a foot of snow... and it seems a better trade-off to my mind. Of course, we'll see how I feel in a few hours when the trees start crashing down around us...

I'm hoping that tomorrow is a nicer day so that Tag and I can get out and about. I think he's getting a bit of cabin fever.


  1. I enjoyed the photos very much! I miss those cats! Gilly is as adorable as ever. And that's a great shot of Sweet Pea looking at you upside down.


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