Friday, April 23, 2010

Change is in the air

Some of you are going to like this post... some of you are not... and there's no amount of explaining that will change that... but I will explain anyway for the rest of you... so here it goes...

We're moving! Again. To the Northeast! I can't even believe I just typed that phrase! Yeah. Noah has been done with his credits to graduate since last quarter. He should walk in June. Instead, we're moving!!!

We found out in March that Noah did not get into grad school. Thus endeth the path toward sustainable ag. Any jobs Noah wanted in that field required at least a master's degree. After some discussion back in December we had decided that if it didn't work out for grad school he would look for jobs in his former career again, and he seems to be glad of the chance to go back to something that he excels at anyhow.

He's been job searching for the past few weeks while taking some easy classes. And these two fantastic companies have cropped up to fight over him! They're both East coast... one in Manhattan, NY, the other in Westport, CT. We were a little surprised at these 2 prospects at first, but now we're excited! Needless to say, there are quite a few details that need to be ironed out over the next few weeks and we will be flurrying and scurrying to get our act together and all our ducks (not to mention cats and dog) in a row.

I'm sad to leave here, sure. Our time in Davis/Woodland has been full of pursuing passions that, had we stayed in LA, we would never have had the chance to pursue. And I've made some good friends here that will be sorely missed.

That said, I'm so happy for Noah to have this opportunity before him. He's amazing and such a hard working, supportive husband... it's nice for him to get some external encouragement like this!

I'm looking forward to the idea of being able to do something I like for a while, too, now... and not have to be so focused on being the breadwinner. Having not figured out my own personal path yet, it has been a stressful few years of working at a job I despise (albeit with people I enjoy and appreciated). I'm looking forward to trying out my skills elsewhere and seeing what I can make of them.

Our departure date is not finalized as of this time, but I will keep this blog updated as we go through the process of moving... again :)


  1. Update: Offer accepted in Connecticut. We will move out there at the end of May!

  2. Still not sure what I'm gonna do without you here to keep the rest of the CRU boys in check. Ahhh great opportunity for you & Noah though, and I can't wait to head out East to visit y'all! =)

  3. How exciting! Guess I'm going to need to find another home for my fish. :)


  4. Wow! That IS exciting! Well, now we are at least on the same coast again. We'll have to plan something fun! AND you guys BETTER stay with us if you ever make any road trips south to GA! :)

  5. Ok, I just Googlemapped NC to CT and it will be a mere 9 hour drive. One interstate the whole way. Easy-peasy. I will TRY to give you a few months to settle in, but then we need to PLAY! Maybe we can meet in DC? Yippee!

  6. I'll really miss having you around and hearing about all of your exploits at WC. :( But it sounds exciting that this is a such a great opportunity for you guys! I look forward to reading your updates about it


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