Monday, February 22, 2010

It's that time of year

What time of year, you ask? Why it's Spring! Or ... well, at least it's threatening to become spring. How can I tell? By taking into account the sheer volume of animal hair that has suddenly taken over my life.

I am an animal lover, a dog and cat owner, a horse rider... and each of these animals has decided that since the winter solstice has passed it must be time to shed copious amounts of hair and fur all over my clothes and my house. I brush Tag, the gorgeous blue merle collie, daily now. The hair that comes off each time we have a grooming session is enough to coat a new collie puppy! I could make doggy wigs for a hundred dogs by the time this season is over.

As I leave the house for work I look down at my clothes (to make sure I'm matching, that my zipper is up... etc.) and discover that I am covered in a noticeable layer of fuzz... especially from my knees down. Thinking back over the morning's activities, I recall cats rubbing my ankles asking for breakfast... and the world's cutest collie diving between my knees for his morning butt scratch.

It doesn't get any better at the horse barn. Watson was clipped this winter, so he's not shedding as much as some other horses yet. But he, too, has begun... and when it gets into full gear, I'll be covered there, too.

I'll post some pictures of a grooming session with Tag soon, for effect.

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